About Us


GME Company
A Limited Liability Company

  • Two Branches with its head office in Dubai and another branch in Cairo.
  • Has a very highly professional trained staff.
  • Planning, Supplying, Installing Servicing Medical Equipment and health sector consultant.
  • Dealing with the best Enormous Multinational Manufacturers in the Health Care by importing the up-to-date products.
  • Has over 22 years of experience in the field of Medical Equipment's.


Name: Dr. Osama El-Gendy

Education: B.Sc. In Medicine

Job Experience:

  • Working in the medical equipment field since 1986
  • Co-founder, Partner & Vice Chairman of Scientific Medical Equipment Co (SME Co) in Egypt since 1986
  • Founder & Chairman of Gulf Medical Equipment Co (GME Co.) in Dubai since 1999.
  • Founder & Chairman of Gulf Medical Equipment Co (GME Co) in Cairo since 2009.

Vision :

To be world class medical equipment solution provider in the Area.

Mission :

  • To improve the health and well-being of the Patients by providing the highest quality Medical Equipment from the best brands at the most competitive prices.
  • To provide to physicians, patients and their care givers a better connect with their Medical Equipment needs.
  • We focus on Innovative Medical Services to maximize Patients quality of life.


Our achievements over the past years

  • In 1986

    we established our Sister company in Egypt Scientific Medical Equipment Co (SME).
  • In 1993

    we extended our activities by opening other Branches in Alexandria & Upper Egypt.
  • In 1999

    Due to our vast experience we decided to diversify our activities and we introduced ourselves in Dubai as Gulf Medical Equipment Co (GME).
  • In 2009

    we took one step further and decided to open our New branch in Cairo.
    • GME Co. has completed many Turnkey projects in countries like Sudan, Iraq, Nigeria.
    • GME Co. also completed projects in UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.